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Your floating oak flooring EASIKLIP fitt in a few clicks

EASIKLIP is a patented clipping system for oak floors, which greatly facilitates installation.  No need for glue, no nails, no screws. Aluminum clips to install under the board will allow you to install in floating installation a solid Oak Floor and oak engineered Floor

The clips keep the blades together and provide sufficient expansion space for woodworking. EASIKLIP is the guarantee of an very easy, very fast and economical floating installation. 


With the Easiklip system, the flooring become a child play

No glue, no nails, no screws

Clips included inside the packaging

Natural & Ecological

Formaldehyde and VOC release

Oak Flooring with factory price

Delivery in All Europa

Floating Solid Oak Flooring

solid Oak Flooring is a Floor that will remain for many years and that will bring to your interior decoration a well-being and warmth of solid wood. Nothing is more natural and ecological than a solid wood flooring.

A genuire Solid Wood Floor with the garantee of durability and sturdy for a long time.

Easily and quickly to install a solid Oak floor, thanks to the EASIKLIP system. The EASIKLIP system allows the laying of a solid Oak flooring without using glue, Nails or screws.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a very good value for money. With a wear layer of 3 or 4 mm, the Engineered Oak floor can be installed in all rooms of the house.

Oak engineered flooring is one of our best sellers due to the large width (190 mm) and long lengths for quick installation. With the integrated EASIKLIP system, the floating engineered wood floor installation is very easy and even faster.

Available in several finishing: natural, grey, dark, white bleach,  you will only have to put it down, quickly, without glue, in just a few clicks.


  • Skirtings, Skirting board,  to cover the expansion left at the periphery of the room. Several profiles of wood Mouldings are proposed: Skirtings RoundedSkirting board MoldedSkirting Board Square Edge,  traditional.
  • Threshold bars when you need to compensate the difference in level, between a wooden floor and another floor covering. Each EASIKLIP wood Floor have its own appropriate threshold bars.
  • T MOLDING, to achieve an aesthetic junction between two wooden floors with the same thickness.
  • The Skirtingboard Covers ideal as part of renovations of houses and apartments, to cover the old wooden skirting board (Tiled for example), without having to remove them.
  • Electric Skirting, to cover cables or electric trunks. Two profiles are available; the standard electric skirting board and the clip-on electric Skirting.
  • The Reducer allow to place the Flooringt front of a door window or entrance door.
  • EASIKLIP flooring accessories: Glue, underlayment, products essential for the installation of your EASIKLIP flooring
  • Cleaning agents for floors & cleaning products, to keep all the shine of your floor for a long time.

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Kate D.
Kate D.
Solid Oak Flooring - UV Oiled - 18 x 150 mm
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We installed a great hardwood floor that was very easy and quick to install. We called to learn more about the installation process and were given excellent information.
Steven G.
Steven G.
Solid Oak Flooring- Multicolor - 2 widths
Read More
Very beautiful hardwood floor, the finish is superb.
Floating Decking in solid teak
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Very easy to install and looks great! It's clearer than we expected, but we're still happy with it. We'll have to see how it holds up over time
Jason T.
Jason T.
Solid Oak Flooring - White Bleached - 15 x 125 mm
Read More
Very beautiful flooring, quick and easy to install
Independently verified
4.43 store rating (426 reviews) | 4.49 product rating

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426 reviews