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Engineered Oak Flooring at the Best Price

Discover our range of EASIKLIP engineered oak flooring, easy and quick for floating installation. Engineered oak flooring, like solid flooring, has a 3 to 4 mm oak wear layer that allows for multiple sandings. Engineered oak flooring can be installed in every room of the house.

With direct manufacturer prices, we offer you a range of engineered oak flooring at the best price. Engineered oak flooring or semi-solid flooring is of impeccable quality. Our floorings undergo wood sorting, ensuring optimal quality.

Furthermore, with the integrated EASIKLIP system, installation is easy and quick without the use of glue.

We have designed a range of engineered oak floorings to overcome technical difficulties associated with solid flooring.

The plank widths can be larger (190 mm) than those of solid flooring because they are more stable.

The plank lengths are also greater (1.80 m).

Professionals, in the pursuit of speed, often prefer to use Easiklip engineered oak flooring.

Wide Plank Engineered Oak Floorings

Three of our engineered oak flooring models come in wide planks (190 mm).

Easiklip Engineered Oak Floorings

Easiklip engineered oak floorings are ready to be installed in just a few clicks without the use of glue.

Floating Engineered Oak Flooring Easiklip

All our engineered oak floorings are equipped with the EASIKLIP system. Aluminum clips hold the planks together while allowing for expansion space. Floating installation requires the prior installation of a parquet underlay with a vapor barrier.

If, however, you prefer a glued installation, it is also possible to do a traditional installation without using the clips. You can purchase our parquet glue.