Wood Flooring Solid Multicolored Parquet

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Discover the multicolored solid oak flooring, an original and colorful parquet with 2 different widths of blades (75 and 90 mm), and 7 different colors. A floor with a unique style that is perfectly suited to a games room or children’s room, but also in rooms with intensive traffic, such as in a shop for example. This wood floor must be glued. Traces of saw are left visible to give an industrial appearance to the wood. Oiled parquet, ready to lay.


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Wood floor Solid Oak Designed

This design solid oak flooringt is a multicolored solid oak parquet.

The wood flooring solid oak don’t look like an other one floor.

Designed wood floor

Indeed the design wood parquet contains 2 widths of blades and 7 different colors.

Patchwork parquet also has a worn finish with visible saw marks.

Installation glued in order to realize either its patchwork for the colors of the parquet boards



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GO4 : Bevels on the four sides

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15 mm

Wood specie


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